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Home You can find a Quick Clean on main screen.Quick Clean cleans all your online activities, such as IE browser's cache, history, recent document list, cookies, auto complete forms and other tracks. Quick Clean lets you clean tracks in MS Windows and MS Office, such as temporary files, MRU lists, last logon user name, file removal from contextual menu and much more.

2File Shredder

File Shredder File Shredder is a small utility that will completely erase the contents of sensitive files that you specify. Normal file deletion only removes a file's directory entry, but leaves the data contained in the file on your disk drive. File Shredder completely overwrites the contents of a file and then deletes it. To shred files and folders simply drag them to the File Shredder icon. File Shredder has Three file wiping methods available. NOTE: Files selected for shredding can not be recovered using an undelete program. The purpose of File Shredder is to completely remove sensitive files and their contents from you disk drive. Once a file has been shredded it cannot be recovered using sophisticated file restoration utilities.

3Exe Lock

Exe Lock EXE Lock password protects any program currently residing on your hard drive. An attempt to run a program that's locked down will result in a dialog box asking for the password. Failure to provide the correct password prevents the program from fully launching

4Secret Notes

Secret Notes Secret Notes is used to hide text message into images. The images with hidden messages can still be viewed with any conventional image viewer software. They look just like normal images, no loss of quality. Nobody knows there are messages hidden with images. You can securely send the images to anyone over the Internet. The receiver can then use Secret Messenger to retrieve the message back from images with password.

5HTML Secret

HTML Secret Encrypt and password protect html pages. Based on strong algorithms, it will thoroughly encrypt your entire page so that no one can get in unless he know the correct password. And the encrypted web page can work anywhere even without a web server.

6Password Safe

Password Safe Who can remember all those passwords? Nobody, but Password Safe can. Password Safe is light-weight and easy-to-use password safe for Windows.

The program stores your passwords in a highly encrypted database. This database consists of only one file so it can be transferred from one computer to another easily.

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