File Secret

File Shredder

File Shredder

File Shredder is a small utility that will completely erase the contents of sensitive files that you specify. Normal file deletion only removes a file's directory entry, but leaves the data contained in the file on your disk drive. File Shredder completely overwrites the contents of a file and then deletes it. To shred files and folders simply drag them to the File Shredder icon. File Shredder has Three file wiping methods available. NOTE: Files selected for shredding can not be recovered using an undelete program. The purpose of File Shredder is to completely remove sensitive files and their contents from you disk drive. Once a file has been shredded it cannot be recovered using sophisticated file restoration utilities.

1Select File

Select File Seclet File to Shredder

2File To Shredder

File To Shredder This is a file to shred by checking from the list it will be shredder.

3Shred Strength

Shred Strength Select Shred Strength


Destroy Click On Destroy file will be remove permanently Remove file from your PC.



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