File Secret

Secret Notes (Steganography)

Secret Notes

Secret Notes is used to hide text message into images. The images with hidden messages can still be viewed with any conventional image viewer software. They look just like normal images, no loss of quality. Nobody knows there are messages hidden with images. You can securely send the images to anyone over the Internet. The receiver can then use Secret Messenger to retrieve the message back from images with password.

1Insert Message

Insert Message Insert secret message here ...

2Secret File

Secret File Locate the message file which is to be hidden (here we use the example of a text file Secret File.txt)

3Carrier Image

Carrier Image Specify the image files in which to hide the message
Click on Select input images folder( or Drag a file) to specify the folder containing the BMP images to use for hiding the message file.


Action Read : Click Here to read secret message by giving a password.
Write :To Write a Message to Carrier Image File by giving a password.
Erase : Clean or Erase Message and File from carrier File



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